Quantum Dimmable Digital Ballasts

Quantum Dimmable Ballasts - Setting the Standard for Quality and Reliability

The Quantum Dimmable Ballast brings quality high intensity illumination to your garden. This digital ballast has been carefully engineered to withstand the atmospheric demands of virtually any indoor gardening environment. Wave goodbye to radio frequency interference, burnt circuit boards, and faulty cord ends.


Quantum Dimmable Ballasts


Dimming Options

The Quantum Series ballast offers you a dimming switch that enables you to run your ballast at the strength YOU desire. This not only makes it easier to harden off young plants just being introduced to HID lighting, but also allows you to control your footprint and power usage as well. You can increase the power to your ballast as your garden grows and demands more light, and save yourself a substantial amount of money on your power bill over the length of your crop cycle. The dimming switch is located on the front of your ballast just above the lamp cord and allows you to run your ballast at 100%, 75%, or 50% power.

Higher Output

Higher Output

The Quantum digital ballast has a Power Factor of 99.9% which is the most stable output frequency of any ballast available and delivers a higher lumen output than magnetic ballasts. Also we have designed our ballast with a resin cased circuit board that has been placed in conjunction with a sealed bearing fan. This combines the best of both worlds with the end result being a ballast that runs 15% cooler than any other digital ballast available. As with all electronics, the cooler they run the better the output and the longer they will last…

Easy Hookup

Easy Hookup

There is no need to purchase any additional wiring equipment or change wiring.

The Quantum Digital Ballast

Quantum Ballast Detail

Extruded aluminum fins help the Quantum to run cool
Comes complete with a sealed fan for efficient cooling of the circuit board
Run at 100%, 75%, or 50% power (400w runs at 100% and 75%)
Versatile base design gives you many options
for mounting


  • Available in 1000W, 600W, and 400W versions
  • Compatible with both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps
  • 120v/240v Smartvolt (both cords included)
  • 1000W and 600W can be run at 100%, 75%, or 50% power
  • 400W and be run at 100% or 75% power
  • Can efficiently be run on generators without flickering

3 great models to choose from



400W Dimmable 120/240v Ballast



600W Dimmable 120/240v Ballast



1000W Dimmable 120/240v Ballast


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